Name: Blc. Images x C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS Seed parent: Brassolaeliocattleya Images
Date acquired: 3 March 2006 Pollen parent: Cattleya Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS
Source: Oak Hill Gardens Season: Fall / Winter
Container: 8" clay pot Climate: Intermediate

Blc. Images x C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS
23 Jan 2010

I picked up this Blc. Images x C. Horace 'Maxima' along with a number of other plant at Oak Hill Gardens' super $5 sale on flowering-sized seed-grown plants.  It's tried to flower every winter since, but was supremely unhappy in my apartment in Plainfield and always aborted.  It seems to like the cool, sun-drenched back room of my house, though, and opened a massive 5" sweetly-scented flower the winter after I moved.

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