Name: Dendrobium Emma White Seed parent: unknown
Date acquired: Fall 1997 Pollen parent: unknown
Source: unknown Season: Fall
Container: 6" clay pot Climate: Intermediate

Dendrobium Emma White

Dendrobium Emma White
21 November 2004

The first orchid I ever owned was a Dendrobium Emma White.  I got it in the fall of my senior year at the Academy in 1997.  It was a gift from my girlfriend at the time, a substitute plant from the greenhouse because they didn't have whatever she had ordered.  This was both a blessing and a curse, because I'm sure whatever she ordered would have been a dreadful plant to grow in my dorm room, but an orchid turned out to be little better.  It flowered the following year, probably as a last-ditch effort at survival because I really had no idea how to take care of orchids, and I'm sure the bizarre ultra-fine milled fir bark (the consistency of cornmeal!) wasn't helping the plant any.

I was convinced after that plant flowered that the name was a bit of a misnomer, since its flowers weren't exactly white.  They were ... green.  A pale green, but very similar in color to the foliage.  Yuck.  Despite the fact that the foliage was ugly and the flowers weren't flower colored, I was hooked.  This plant is an offset of the original plant, and it's finally put up some flowers of its own.  Fortunately, they're different than the flowers that the original put up; these aren't really green at all.

Apparently, this particular cross was never registered with the International Orchid Register maintained by the Royal Horticultural Society, so its parentage is unknown.

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