Name: Tolumnia Magic 'Hildos' Seed parent1: Tolumnia Rainbow
Date acquired: 23 December 2005 Pollen parent: Tolumnia Golden Sunset
Source: Orchids by Hausermann Season: Winter
Container: 2" clay pot Climate: Intermediate

Tolumnia Magic 'Hildos'

Tolumnia Magic 'Hildos'
2 March 2006

I got this Tolumnia Magic 'Hildos' during a winter trip to Orchids By Hausermann.  Tolumnias, sometimes called equitant oncidiums for their triangular cross-sectioned leaves and close resemblance to their cousins, are miniature plants bearing full-sized oncidium flowers.  This plant is quickly filling up its tiny 2" pot, with foliage only six inches tall.  Despite its tiny size, this is at least the second year it has flowered.

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(1)  International Orchid Register:

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