Name: Cymbidium Pipeta 'York' Seed parent1: Cymbidium pumilum
Date acquired: 25 February 2005 Pollen parent: Cymbidium Spartan Queen
Source: Oak Hill Gardens Season: unknown
Container: 8" clay pot Climate: Cool

Cymbidium Pipeta 'York'

Cymbidium Pipeta 'York'
5 Feb 2011

I picked up this miniature Cymbidium Pipeta 'York' quite some time ago, drawn in by the attractive red flowers and strappy leaves.  Unfortunately, it proved rather difficult to bloom; it was flowering size when I got it, and it's taken six years to convince it to flower.  The trick was keeping it in my mostly unheated back room, where the sunlight streaming in the giant window warms the room into the 60s in the daytime and the thermostat keeps it at 40 at night.  As an added bonus, it turned out to be quite fragrant, smelling of geraniums and green apples.

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(1)  International Orchid Register:

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