Greetings, traveler.  I'm Michael Shevlin, and this is my corner of the internet.  Feel free to take a few minutes or even an evening and share some of my interests.  While you're here, you can also check out my linux-controlled climate monitoring system.  If you're interested in how the pages in this site were created, see the page About this Site.  Also, I have an Academics Page that I used to maintain for the classes I taught, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

I'm in the process of updating this site to a new design which should make it look a little nicer, with the advantage of being quicker to load and easier to manage.  Until I'm finished, some of the pages may look a little funny, but all of the content will still be there.

The newest major addition to my web site is the Photographic Guide to Wildflowers in New Jersey and Indiana.  It's a cross-reference of all the flower pictures in my photo galleries.

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