Name: Cookara Bill Seed parent1: Cattleytonia Maui Maid
Date acquired: October 2000 Pollen parent: Dialaelia Snowflake
Source: eBay seller julies_orchid_plants Season: Winter
Container: 8" clay pot Climate: Intermediate

Cookara Bill
18 February 2002

Cookara Bill
15 February 2003

Cookara Bill
13 March 2004
Cookara Bill

Cookara Bill

Cookara Bill
18 December 2004

One of the more vigorous orchids that I've aquired actually came from eBay.  It had no problems riding in a priority mail box for a couple days and is has been doing quite well since I got it in 2000.  It's a Cookara Bill and the seller even threw in a "bonus orchid", a tiny Epidendrum radicans, which isn't nearly so tiny anymore, and has flowered several times.

So far, this plant has bloomed like clockwork in the late winter every year.  This past winter, it put up two flower stalks with 15 flowers each that lasted well into springtime.  It's also getting to be quite large; it just moved into an 8" pot.

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(1)  International Orchid Register:

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