Name: Epidendrum radicans Tribe1: Epidendreae
Date acquired: October 2000 Subtribe: Epidendrinae
Source: eBay seller julies_orchid_plants Range2: Mexico to Colombia
Container: 5" clay pot Season: Spring
Flowers: 1" Orange / Yellow Lip Climate: Intermediate

Epidendrum radicans

Epidendrum radicans

Epidendrum radicans
3 June 2005

I acquired this Epidendrum radicans as a "bonus orchid" when I purchased Cookara Bill several years ago.  When I got it, it couldn't have been more than three inches tall, with a single bare root.  Since then, it's grown to several feet in height; this plant is currently five feet tall counting the flower spike.  Each spring, it put up a spike or two of brilliant orange flowers.

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